Based on the original artwork "FIREBALL" and "COME ALIVE" by LOUISE ROSENDAL

Collectors item / 200 pieces per print available worldwide.

Original numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity included with every piece!

Louise Rosendal graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts with an MFA in 2013.Since then, she has exhibited both domestically and abroad.

For many years, she has worked with the medium of film in relation to installation staging. In her works, she is personally involved and works performatively, with a focus on the digitized present and digital escapism, avatars, Japanese anime, and other subcultural phenomena.

After her education, she traveled to Japan, among other places, to study the phenomenon of Otaku, a Japanese term used for people with obsessive interests in Anime and Manga.

"Otaku" means "extreme fan" and is a term for people who assume an identity/character and dress and act as a copy of their favorite anime character.

Clothing, identity, and transformation of universes have always fascinated Louise Rosendal.

"I am drawn to futuristic elements, cyberpunk, sci-fi films, video game characters, sparkling CGI, and how we imagine the future will look."

In recent years, Louise Rosendal has persistently worked with digital print in connection with installation staging, which, among other things, has resulted in wallpaper for a truck gallery in Los Angeles and a series of silk scarves and dresses that are sold at selected retailers.

The collaboration with Sittingsuits is created from two scarves prints with the titles "Come Alive" & "Fireball". The inspiration for these prints springs from the same artistic universe and themes as those that Louise Rosendal works with.

To view more work b yLOUISE ROSENDAL, visit her Instagram at @louise_rosendal


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