Based on the original artwork "TREE OF LIFE" by ÖZLEM THOMPSON

Collectors item / 200 pieces available worldwide.

Original numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity
included with every piece!

Nature and Art Entwined: Introducing the latest Artist Edition by ÖZLEM THOMPSON

Sittingsuits is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with renowned artist Özlem Thompson. Following the resounding success of Artist Edition #3 in 2022, we are excited to unveil the Tree of Life Artist Edition #7, a testament to our continued partnership with Özlem Thompson and her extraordinary talent.

Özlem Thompson, a celebrated artist with a unique blend of scientific curiosity and artistic flair, has been a significant part of the Sittingsuits family. Her distinct style, which marries her background in biology with an innate artistic vision, resonates deeply with our brand ethos. It's this synergy of nature, art, and practicality that prompted us to embark on another collaboration with her.

The Tree of Life Artist Edition #7 draws inspiration from Hermann Hesse's 'Narcissus and Goldmund', a personal favorite of Thompson. In this edition, she explores the theme of the 'Tree of Life', symbolizing the flowing energy of existence and the intertwining of opposites - the yin and yang - at the heart of life’s journey.

Thompson's work is a vibrant tapestry of bold colors and dream-like imagery, where nature and fantasy converge. Her approach to this edition mirrors the philosophy of Hesse’s words: “Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”

Özlem Thompson's artwork has graced the homes of celebrities and private collectors worldwide, and we are honored to bring her vision to life once again.

To view more work by ÖZLEM THOMPSON, visit her Instagram at @ozlemsorluthompson


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