Sittingsuits X Lin Utzon

Wearable Art in a Time of Crisis:
In a time of political and environmental crisis, art serves as a powerful tool for social commentary and reflection. The 4th Sittingsuits Artist Edition, featuring world-renowned Danish artist Lin Utzon, represents a significant milestone for the brand's artist collaborations concept.

The limited edition collection merges Sittingsuits' design and innovation expertise with Utzon's distinctive artistic style, culminating in a standout addition to the Sittingsuits lineand a must-have for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

The Cosmic Dance Series

Utzon's Cosmic Dance series, which forms the basis of this collaboration, expresses the essence of nature as a cosmic dance. Through her paintings, works on paper, and sculptures, Utzon captures the sense of mystery within nature, striking a balance between the refined rigour of monochromatic line, an architectural sensibility, and the movement of the natural world. Her creations, which have included costumes and scenery for the Royal Danish Ballet, exude a timeless elegance that transcends traditional art mediums.

As Utzon notes, "the more chaotic the world seems, the more we need art - to be removed from our own selves and long for something different." In the face of global crises, art provides a respite from the daily pressures of life and a means of envisioning alternative futures. Wearable art, in particular, offers a unique opportunity to bring art into the public sphere and to spark conversation around pressing issues. By wearing a piece of art, one becomes a walking canvas, inviting dialogue and contemplation.

The Sittingsuits X Lin Utzon collaboration offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of wearable art that embodies Utzon's vision of nature as a cosmic dance. The collection, launching in February 2023, is limited to 50 pieces per print, making each piece a coveted addition to any art collection. By fusing fashion and art, Sittingsuits and Utzon are pushing the boundaries of traditional mediums and creating a new space for artistic expression.

In conclusion, the 4th Sittingsuits Artist Edition featuring Lin Utzon serves as a testament to the enduring power of art in times of crisis. By providing a moment of respite and a means of envisioning alternative futures, art serves as a critical tool for social commentary and reflection. Wearable art, in particular, offers a unique opportunity to bring art into the public sphere and spark conversation around pressing issues. The Sittingsuits X Lin Utzon collaboration represents an exciting addition to the world of wearable art and is sure to captivate collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

In this enlightening interview, we delve into the artistic world of Rosso Emerald Crimson, a painter renowned for her vibrant creations and nuanced narratives.

Merging her background in International Communications and Human Rights, Rosso's work challenges societal norms and cultural biases, offering intriguing glimpses into the female psyche. Her collaboration with Sittingsuits brings her art into the realm of fashion, transforming her beloved designs into wearable art pieces. Influenced by yoga, meditation, and nature, Rosso's work stimulates senses often suppressed in our daily lives. While maintaining her artistic integrity, she navigates the commercial art industry with grace, welcoming feedback to refine her narratives and styles. With upcoming exhibits at Barcelona's MEAM Museum and the international Artdom project, Rosso continues to leave her mark on the global art scene. Read on to learn more about her artistic journey and inspirations.

Born in Istanbul, Özlem Thompson had a passion for art from a very young age. However, after completing her undergraduate degree in biology and obtaining a master's degree in botany, she decided to pursue her art career. Her background in biology and organic structures strongly influenced her art, and she became known for abstracting natural forms to convey concepts from her subconscious.

Özlem draws her inspiration from nature, including her eight years of studying biology, from single-celled organisms to entire ecosystems, evolution, microbiology, and her own imagination. She believes that art must come from within a person before they can incorporate it into their work, and that artistic people have a unique way of seeing the world.

The Nordic lifestyle embraces simplicity, functionality, and a deep connection to nature. This way of life reflects a unique balance between work, leisure, and time spent outdoors, which leads to a healthier and happier existence.


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